Typical Tour Participants

We are frequently asked, “Will I be able to keep up?” “What kind of people are on the tour?” Every tour is different, yet there are some common themes. Most of our guests are working or retired professionals, from doctors to school teachers, business owners to nurses. With an average age of 63 years, guests travel on their own, with friends, and/or with spouses, and there is often a good mix of couples and solo travellers. Despite coming from various parts of the country or from across the globe, and with a variety of backgrounds, everyone has one common interest: having fun, sharing a little adventure, and experiencing a cycling holiday like no other. Like you, your travel companions will have a spirit for adventure and a willingness to meet others, and the sense of camaraderie that builds during a tour adds a special feel to the experience. Groups often bond quickly, and you will leave your tour having made new friends.

On a typical tour of 14 people…

  • 8 people are females
  • 6 people are males
  • 10.5 people are aged 60 years and over
  • 3.5 people are under 60 years
  • 8 people are local New Zealanders
  • 5 people are from Australia
  • 1 person is from the USA, Canada, UK OR Europe
  • 6 people have travelled with PureTrails previously
  • 3 people were referred to PureTrails by their friends
  • 5 people are new to PureTrails cycle tours