If you are bringing your own bike or ebike on our supported tours, please take the following into consideration:

  • Your bicycle does not weigh more than 20kg – including e-bikes (with the battery off). Bikes heavier than this are too heavy for our guides to be able to lift on and off the cycle trailer safely.
  • Your bike does not have any mudguards fitting on the front tyre (due to how they are secured on the trailer). Rear mudguards are fine.
  • If your bike is an ebike, the battery must be removed from the bike and stored in our trailer while transiting (we recommend you use a protective bag of some sort) – you are not able to store the battery inside our bus.
  • The bike is well maintained, recently serviced, and in a good safe condition.
  • Your helmet is in a good safe condition with no cracks, and can be fastened properly.
  • The tyres (either mountain bike or hybrid tyres) have a good level of tread on them, suitable for trails/gravel. Slick tyres are not recommended.
  • A basic bike repair kit must be carried including 2 x spare inner tubes.
  • Any major mechanical breakdown is your own responsibility.
  • PureTrails staff will secure your bike on our cycle trailer when in transit during the tour, but the company is not held responsible for any damages that occur during transportation.