“Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.”

– Charles M. Schulz

If you are new to cycling and wish to extend your skills, download our ‘Cycling Tips’ guides below.


Changing gears

Understanding when and how to change gears will improve your cycling skills significantly, and will enable you to ride over a range of surfaces and gradients with greater ease. When in the correct gear, cycling is physically easier on your legs as well as your bike – reducing the maintenance for both! Being proficient at changing gears is a prerequisite of all our grade 2 trips. Follow our guide below to understand when you should be changing gears.

Cycling on gravel surfaces

All of the South Island cycle trails have a gravel chip surface, as do many of the rural roads we ride on during our cycle tours. Hence it is a good idea if you practice cycling on gravel surfaces and have an understanding of how this is different to a paved surface, prior to your trip. Follow our guide below to understand how to cycle on gravel surfaces.

Changing an inner tube

Our your PureTrails tour your tour leader is never too far away and can usually attend to any tubes that need changing. However there is always the possibility that a puncture will occur in an area of trail that does not have vehicle access. Therefore it is a good idea to know how to change a tube yourself, whether it be during your tour or on any occasion you are out cycling at home.