Our hire bikes are modern high quality bikes that are well maintained and designed specifically for bike touring.


Hybrid Mountain Bikes: a mix of comfort and performance

We use top model 2019 Merida Crossway 100 hybrid bikes, in both men’s and women’s frames in a range of sizes. These rental bikes feature low bar frames on the women’s models and run the larger 700c (29r) type wheels fitted which roll easier and provide a smoother ride as compared to 26” wheels. They are fitted with knobbly 28 x 1.75″ tyres which increases stability and handling on gravel surfaces. The handle bars are height adjustable to help customise a body position that is easier on the back, shoulders and neck.

Our rental bikes utilise 27 Speed (3 x 9) Shimano derailleur’s and shifters, ensuring that you can always find the right gear to suit the varied surfaces, terrains and undulations we encounter on our trips. Braking is handled front and rear by a 160mm hydraulic disc brake system, while the bumps are smoothed over by lockable 63mm travel suspension forks up front.

Bikes equipped with all the ‘bells and whistles’

Your bike has a removable front handlebar pack, a water bottle holder, and a bike computer mounted on the handlebars. The bike computer electronically displays current speed and distance travelled. Comfortable seats and ergo hand grips have been fitted to ensure comfort. A helmet with front visor, and a high-vis safety vest is also provided.

Bring your own Saddle or use ours

Despite having fitted our bikes with high quality wide gel touring seats in men’s and women’s designs, we still find people struggle with the age old problem of ‘saddle sore’. This can put a severe dampener on your experience. We have a few extra standard mountain bike saddles on hand at the start of your trip in case you want to switch. Some guests bring along removable gel covers to fit over the saddle which can help. However if you have a well worn saddle on your own bike at home that you are comfortable with, we recommend you bring it along and we can fit it to your bike.

Bring Your Own Clipless Pedals if desired

If you are used to riding a bicycle with clipless pedals but want to use one of our bicycles, unscrew the pedals from your bike and bring them (and the corresponding cycling shoes) with you. We’ll install your personal pedals on our bike for you.

Bikes Serviced Before Every Tour

Dean, our bike mechanic, thoroughly and meticulously cleans and services every bike before your tour following a comprehensive checklist. Once the trip commences your guide will be available to make any adjustments required, and performs checks daily to make sure your bike is running well. Our vehicle is equipped with spare parts and a toolkit as well as a spare bike, and smaller toolkits are available for anyone wishing to take one on the trail.

Bike Fitting

A good fit is imperative to enjoying your cycle tour. Prior to your bike tour we request your height in order to choose the right frame size for you. Your guide will do the bike fitting with you on location at the start of your trip. Our guides are all skilled at making any adjustments that are required as your cycling journey commences.