PureTrails supports the Ohau Conservation Trust
Total support to date $18,100

Since March 2017 PureTrails New Zealand has pledged financial support to the The Ohau Conservation Trust to tackle wilding trees, other weeds, and possums at Lake Ohau, Mackenzie Country, with an annual donation representing $10 for every person who joins one of our cycle tours each season.

“We were very pleased when PureTrails New Zealand Ltd made contact with us and offered regular donations of funds and staff time to assist with the Trust’s projects”, said Grant Eames the Chairperson of the Trust.  “It is a good fit between those who bring visitors to Lake Ohau to experience the natural environment and those working to protect and enhance it”, he said.

Hilary Weller, the Managing Director of PureTrails New Zealand said she “was motived by the raw beauty of the Mackenzie area having always captivated our hearts and as a team we would like to contribute to the conservation of the natural environment for future generations”.

A donation of $6,500.00 from PureTrails New Zealand was presented to the Trust in March 2017.  “Having these extra funds and people to work on projects will give us a real boost”, said Mr Eames.

PureTrails New Zealand is a Christchurch based cycle tour operator that has been operating tours across the South Island since 2004, and cycling tours in the Ohau area since 2006.  “Visitors that we bring to Lake Ohau love the natural environment they get to experience”, said Ms Weller.  “We’re at a point as a company that we feel it is important to develop a long term relationship with the Trust so we can contribute some of what we earn from visitors, back into the places we visit for our business”, she said.

The Ohau Conservation Trust was also established in 2004 by people living in the Lake Ohau basin with an aim to protect its special natural values.  Significant work to control wilding trees and other weeds continues to be undertaken by the Trust. The Trust has also replanted natives and has just started a possum trapping project to protect the native mistletoe found in the beech trees.

PureTrails NZ’s support of the Ohau Conservation Trust continued in 2018 with a donation of $5,600 made in March, which equates to $10 for every person who travelled with us in 2017/2018. The Trust are planning on installing some information panels along the A2O route beside Lake Ohau to highlight some of the very special natural values found in the Ohau Basin. PureTrails is thrilled our donation has made this possible.

In March 2019 a further $6000 donation was made, bringing our total donation to $18,100 over the last 3 years. We look forward to seeing the new information panels along the Lake Ohau waterfront soon.